SIGBI Programme Database

Remember that if you want to add Projects to the SIGBI Programme Database, go to Manage Directory.  The button to Add a Programme Report is prominent within this section, and is available to ALL Members, so that the Programme Action Officer can delegate the inputting of reports to other Members and does not have to do it all herself.

The instructions for inputting reports has been added to the instruction manual for the Manage Directory facility, which is available from a link within the Manage Directory section of the website, and can also be accessed using the link below.

Any Member can also search for reports (only reports input since 2011 have been moved over from the SI Database) from within the Search Directory section.  Again, instructions can be accessed below and from the Search Directory section of the website.  If you have any feedback or suggestions please send them to for consideration:


Welcome to the Members’ Area

Welcome to the Members’ only Section of the SIGBI website. Here you will find a wealth of information. Please select one of the options from the side panel to find out what is available.

Using the Members Area

The Members area has been re-organised to make it easier to find the information you need.  Please see the notes below on where to look for information. Members: Information that affects individual members is in the Membership section.  This includes: Membership Statement, New Members Pack, Policy documents, Grants of Friendships from other Federations and Memorial Fund application form. Programme: This section includes any information concerned with Programme at Federation level.  Programme Resolutions are included in this section. Clubs: Club Executive Officers should look in this section for all the information they need to manage a Club or start a new one.  In the Club Resource Centre you can find all the Easy Stages Guides and Flexible Management of a Club documents, as well as the SIGBI Logo, policy documents and Club Governance Documents (club constitution and club role specifications), and annual returns and membership forms.  There is also information on Recruitment and Retention of members. Regions/NA/Networks: Region/NA/Network Executive Officers should look in this section for all the information they need to manage a Region/NA/Network or start a new club within their Region/NA/Network.  The Region/NA/Network Resource Centre contains the Easy Stages Guides, SIGBI Logo, policy documents and Region/NA/Network Governance Documents (Region/NA/Network constitution and role specifications). Federation: Documents that concern the whole Federation are in this section, including the Building the Future of SIGBI information, SIGBI Byelaws and Articles of Association, Annual Reports and Accounts, General Meeting Minutes and Resolutions and Application Forms for Federation posts.

General Tips for using the Members Area

The sections of the members area are listed in the left-hand side panel.  Where there is a small down arrow next to the section title, it means there are sub-pages.  Click on the arrow to open up the sub-pages to see what the section contains. (The arrow will then change to an up arrow). Note that clicking on the arrow does not take you to that section.  You will stay on the page you are currently viewing until you actually clicking on the title of a page.  For the sections at the bottom of the list, after clicking on the down arrow you will need to scroll down to see the sub-pages. To close a section again, click the up arrow. Clicking directly on a section title will take you to the top level page of that section and will also display the sub-pages in the section.  You will still need to scroll down for the sections lower down.