SIGBI President’s December 2017 Blog


Empower Today, Enable Tomorrow

Well I cannot believe that we are almost at the end of 2017 and the month of January. But we have been extremely busy in the Soroptimist world.

25 November saw the start of the 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women. Reading the tweets and Facebook posts club members really went to town by wearing orange and marching to show their solidarity for victims across the globe (examples shown below). As an ex-Director of Programme I must implore you all to complete a Programme Focus Report Form. Coordinated action of this type is vital for us when we complete our United Nations renewal forms.

November was to be the month when I started my Presidential visits. My first visit was to be the White Rose County of Yorkshire. However it was not to be as my husband has suddenly been taken ill so visits are on hold until after the start of the New Year in 2018.

A late addition to my schedule was the kind invitation to visit SI Pendleside in my Region and my original Club. The Club members held a celebration for Maureen Howarth who is my Regional President and myself. It was an especially lovely evening as a new Member was presented with her Soroptimist badge.

The members then serenaded her with the following song which I hope might catch on!!!  It is sung to the tune of “Don’t bring Lulu” from The Andrews Sisters:

You’ll feel shy, but you’ll get by when you become a member,
The problems solved if you get involved when you become a member,
Throw yourself into it. That’s the way to do it.
Try to get some satisfaction, get a grip of Programme Action,
The next step is a region rep and an active Council member,
You’ll find if you’ve got a mind there are lots of things to do,
When leading members start to spout, remember this there is no doubt….,
They all knew NOWT when they started out! They were once as new as you!”

The Conference committee for Liverpool are hard at work on the members’ behalf, booking speakers and confirming entertainment. Liverpool promises to be a lively Conference with plenty for us to enjoy and to provoke the thought processes.

Soroptimists Orange the World


A change I am making to this blog is that I have asked all the members of the Federation Management Board to take a turn on a monthly basis. I feel it is really important for everyone to understand that whatever role we play in Soroptimism, we are all equally important and valuable. Sometimes members have said to me that they do not know all the people on the Board, well here is your chance over the coming months to learn a little more. Next month Sue Williams, the president Elect will be writing for you.

In Cardiff we asked for members who had retail, commercial or financial backgrounds to consider applying to become directors of SIGBI Trading Limited. The application forms are now on the website in the members’ area. If you think you could make a difference, then empower yourself today and enable yourself tomorrow to move Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland forward.

Yours in friendship

Susan Biggs
SIGBI President 2017-2018