Building resilience and sustainability We are seeing the signs of climate change; the availability of essential resources like drinking water, energy and..

Here we are in February, and it’s a leap year which means we do have an extra day.  I am grateful..

In celebration of “Women in Aviation Day”, girls in secondary school science programmes were invited to spend a day at the..

SI Pune Metro East launched Project: We Care in December 2018 in response to SIGBI President’s theme, ‘Soroptimists Think On It’. The..

UK Parliament’s Education and Engagement service are pleased to announce the launch of two Train the Trainer courses running this May..

Blog posted on 18th January 2018 by Paul Crouch on AKS Lytham Independent School School Blogs Page. Fylde Soroptimists have been working with AKS Lytham Independent School and set up..

The UN has committed to addressing the problems of migration, slavery and trafficking through the development of a Global Compact (GC) based on..

Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) have donated £1,000 to the Red Cross for each of the devastating floods in..

If we want to end poverty, combat inequalities and promote prosperity while protecting the environment we need to achieve the Sustainable Development..