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SI London East were in the East London & West Essex Guardian for their work with Toilet Twinning

A women’s group is on a roll after raising money for toilets in poor nations.

Soroptimist International of East London, which meet at Woodford Memorial Hall, South Woodford, supporting the quirky Toilet Twinning campaign.

The initiative provides clean water, basic latrines and hygiene education in some of the poorest communities in the world.

It invites people from the UK to twin their loo with one in a developing nation.

As part of their project, the group have twinned the toilets of the Woodford Memorial Hall with toilets in a village in Malawi.

Across the world, almost 1,000 children die every day from preventable diseases linked to dirty water and unsafe toilets and that without a toilet at home, women and girls are a target for sexual attack as they go to the toilet in the open, late at night.

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