SIGBI Programme Director’s Blog June 2018

Barbara Dixon

Whatever we do as Soroptimists one of our biggest hurdle is often funding our projects.

No matter which Country we are based in, raising money to deliver the work has become an increasingly uphill struggle and although some of our projects involve time and effort others need a large cash input.

I have mentioned the possibility of outside funding before but it bears repeating.

A little research on Google looking for local council or companies offering grants for community projects or International projects will turn up a whole host of organisations that may be able to help, not just in the UK but across our Federation.

I know that when SIGBI gets Charitable status we will be looking for such funding which will then be available to clubs, but there will be a catch, as there often is.

In order to be successful in an application our project work has to be specific and applicable to the funding available. This means we have to be more focused on exactly what our project involves and as my predecessor in this role was often heard to say “It has to do what it says on the tin”!

Some grants apply only to education, whilst others are concerned with the relief of poverty or increasing health benefits, so we really need to concentrate our project work to fit the funding available.

On a completely different note I am delighted to see how many projects have already been entered onto the database this year, under all categories.It is so heartening to read the work going on across the Countries both within our Federation and supporting clubs in other Federations through Friendship Links.

Friendship in our Organisation comes a very close second to Programme work and when the two are combined great things can happen.

Working on a project with your Friendship Link means that you know the funds you provide are going directly to the project concerned, you have great feedback and the opportunity to see what results your efforts have made, just as I did in Meru.

I hope many of you in the UK are going to be involved in the Processions on June 10th marking the Centenary of some women being given the vote.

I also hope to see many of you at the UKPAC study day- always a good event and there are still places available.

The closing date for applications for the next Federation project is rapdily approaching and I look forward to reading them all and, along with the rest of the team ,shortlisitng them down to the 3 for presentation in Liverpool .

As June starts we will also be considering our Environment and reducing plastic usage. World Environment day is one we often mark as Soroptimists and this is becoming increasingly relevant when we look at what is happening around the world.

Already there have been horrendous floods in Turkey and parts of Greece, flash floods and torrents of ice in Paris and continued drought in Africa. These adverse weather conditions often result in loss of homes and increased vulnerability for many women and children.

So many things to consider, but whatever you do I wish you all success.

Barbara Dixon
Programme Director

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