SIGBI Programme Director’s Blog October 2018

Barbara DixonOctober is always a busy but inspiring month.

There are several UN days that Soroptimists around the world mark in their own special ways such as

World Mental Health Day  on the10 October ,

International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October

World Food Day  on 16 October – in the past we have used this to raise funds for MERU.

and on 17th October the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

October is also Breast Cancer awareness month and there will be many clubs that will be either turning their locality pink or having some sort of event to raise awareness of and funds for the charities working on breast cancer.

It is sometimes impossible to fit everything in and what is important to some clubs is not so to others.

Our basic theme is Educate, Empower or Enable and sometimes we get lost in the myriad of projects that we become involved with.

It does not matter if a club does 1 project a year or 20 projects, the important thing is that it makes a difference to women and girls and allows them to reach their full potential.

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals to work on with 169 sub-sections and we have to ask if we should concentrate on only a few, narrowing the focus to make a bigger impact.

Clubs working together can also make a bigger impact – use clubs in your Region or Friendship links.

Excellent examples of this are the International Presidents appeal and the Federation Project. Nearly every club works on these and the final result is amazing.

The pièce de Resistance for Inspiration in October is Conference

At the FPAC meeting in Liverpool we will be introducing new ideas for classification of projects, hoping to make reporting easier and challenging you all to help us move forward.

Change for change sake is never well received, but over the years we have listened to comments about project work and the reporting system which is long overdue a revamp and it is partly up to you to help us get what you want.

Sadly I will not be able to see many of my ideas through to fruition as I will be handing over the reins at Conference, but I hope that my successor will be able to finalise much of the work that has been started.

There will always be obstacles to overcome, deadlines to meet, crises to challenge us, but working together we will achieve what we want a better world for women and girls.

See you in Liverpool

Barbara Dixon
Programme Director

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