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All too often, there is no justice for women and girls affected by violence.

But around the world, there are heroes in communities, law firms and police stations who are fighting to fix broken legal systems that protect abusers and punish survivors. These heroes include lawyers sacrificing their fees to help women access justice in Ghana and feminist school graduates in Jordan who are demanding change.

The odds are stacked against women and girls who survive violence. Together with limited legal support, low resources and a fear of retribution, justice systems and social norms put women and girls off from reporting or pursuing crimes against them.

Governments let their justice systems put survivors of violence on trial. This could be through invasive medical examinations or by making them recount their sexual history in court.

In some cases, the violence committed against them doesn’t constitute a crime. Even when laws exist, survivors often don’t report violence because they are unable to access legal advice or lack the economic independence or support to speak out. And sometimes the law holds them as more culpable than their attacker, disbelieving women and charging them with adultery or even sentencing them to death.

Will you join ActionAid in supporting campaigners across the world who are putting the power back in the hands of women and girls who survive violence?

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