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SI Pune Metro East were in The Times of India for their tree plantation

PUNE: Citizens came together on Sunday morning to plant trees at Hanuman Tekdi in Shivajinagar.
The plantation drive was conducted by environmentalists and the international women’s volunteer, NGO Soroptimist International (Pune Metro East), along with the tree plantation NGO, Nelda Foundation.

The activity started at 8am and went on till around 9.30am. The group planted different saplings of species such as neem, peepal, almond, mango and tamarind.
Senior citizens also joined the plantation activity. Renu Bhardwaj, the president of the NGO Soroptimist International (Pune Metro East), said, “We are an NGO that works to uplift women and young girls across the world. All our activities are generally centred around this.” She added that the majority of those who participated in Sunday’s activity were senior citizens.
Rita Nagpal (72), one of the participants, said she took part in the tree plantation drive to set an example for the future generations.
“From the time I heard about the activity, I was determined to participate in it. If I don’t go then the youngsters won’t think about it either,” she said.
Nagpal said she had a good experience being part of the group that went for the plantation drive. “I couldn’t go till the top of the hill and managed to go halfway. I tried my best and I would love to go again,” she said.
Nagpal added that supporting environmental causes are important. “It is the need of the hour to support green causes. Only when we start doing something for the environment collectively will more people join the movement,” she said.
Jacobeth Meela Khare, another participant at the tree plantation drive, said, “It was a great experience giving back to the environment in whatever little way we could. It was great to see everyone participating in the cause. We chose to plant trees that would really help the ecosystem.”

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