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Water is not part of the climate change debate. It is treated like an add on when it is critical to life. We need this to change now. #WhyNotWater is a campaign to fuel a national debate to ensure water conservation is at the heart of our actions and behaviour.
We want:
  1. Mandatory water efficiency labelling – labelling is currently rolled out in Australia, California, China and many other countries, so why not the UK? Labelling is also mandatory for energy, so #WhyNotWater?
  2. Tenants should have the right to use water efficient goods – landlords must have an energy performance certificate (EPC) by law, with financial penalties if they do not. Private tenants also have the rights to request that their landlord installs energy efficient measures – why can’t the same standards be implemented for water?
  3. Domestic water efficiency through fittings and fixtures through mandatory certification – there is considerable potential to improve water efficiency use by households if changes are made to fixture and fittings through mandatory certification approvals.
  4. Every local plan in a severely water stressed area should include the target of 110 litres per person per day. (View the PCC targets for each Local Authority)

Proposing some small changes to legislation and policy will have a big impact.

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