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Take a Stand for Generation Equality

In 1995, millions of girls were born across the world. But that same year, significant progress was made for their rights and freedoms as a global declaration was signed that promised each and every one of them a safer, more equal future. The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action laid down a visionary agenda for a world where every girl and woman would have access to her equal rights, including education, equal employment, and control over her own future.

We have come a long way in creating a better world for those women turning 25 in 2020, and for girls coming into the world today. But to fulfill the promises made during the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, we have unfinished business to complete — 130 million girls are still missing out on their education, a girl is married as a child bride every 2 seconds, and 800 women die every day from preventable problems during pregnancy and childbirth.

Now, I call on you to commit to Generation Equality and make concrete policy and financial commitments to live out the promises made by the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

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