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August 2021 Soroptmist News Out Now

The August 2021 issue of Soroptimist News is out now. You can view it as a Page-Turner for PCs or download the App for Mobile Devices.

We have created an Easy Guide to installing and using the App. Download it now to get the most out of the App:

The main features in this issue include:

  • how Soroptimists are tackling Climate Change, which is the focus of reports by both our Assistant Programme Directors for Planet and Partnerships;
  • the final three interviews in our Meet the Board Up Close series;
  • full details of the Llandudno Virtual Conference 2021 unveiled;
  • what our clubs have been doing to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Soroptimist International as well as an update on SIGBI’s celebrations.

The link to the Page-Turner is below. Some hints on using it are shown on the opening screen. If you roll the cursor over the icons in the top toolbar, the meaning of the symbols will be displayed. We recommend that you select “Single Page” plus “Fill Page” from these icons, for best viewing on screen. Use the arrows at either side to move to the next or previous page, and the arrow at the bottom to scroll downwards.

The links to download the App for Apple or for Android phones are also below. Select the one that you need for your device (you need to be viewing this article on the device in question) and follow the instructions to install the App. You can also search for “Soroptimist News” in Google Play or iTunes. Having trouble? See if our Easy Guide to installing and using the App can help.

If you have already downloaded the App for a previous issue, then the new issue will be available from within the App. You will have received a notification that it is now available.

Happy reading. If you do have any problems then please contact