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President’s Message March 2021

This month President Johanna would like to introduce you to another new member of the Board, Nisha Ghosh, Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications. In her own way she talks of her new role.


Public Relations and Marketing was always there, but somewhere among the lowly ranks for Soroptimists. We live in a world of everything instant is driven by technology. Now social media, delivers foreign policy of a country, provides insights into a politician’s next step, is used to start movements, to gather crowd momentum and generally seems to move mountains. So, here’s a 100 year old women’s organisation that adapts and adjusts quickly to the rushing times. Come 2020s the password is communication, and the tools are there for us to seize, use effectively and deliver our message.

The Federation President Johanna is determined to highlight Programme Action and Membership as her two pillars. Indeed, Programme Action is the backbone of Soroptimist work, and very consciously Programme Action has aligned itself to the goals of the UN 17 SDGs. Slowly but surely we are, through our work, meeting the requirements of the venerable status given to us by ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council one of the six principal organs that coordinates the social and economic fields of the UN). From local to global, Soroptimists are allied to these objectives to make that difference in the lives of women and girls of their communities.

What if we position those very projects to communicate our work? Position them is a way that they seem attractive for non-Soroptimists, attractive enough for them to want to contribute with their presence.

They say Soroptimist is the world’s best kept secret. It might have been inauthentic a tad pushy to promote ourselves earlier. Time to change our stance – lets walk out of the closets and declare ourselves as the world best preserved organisation – by blowing our trumpets, flooding the Facebook, creating a crescendo of tweets and blitzkrieg the Instagram. Let’s announce, WE ARE SOROPTIMISTS AND WE STAND UP FOR WOMEN.

Using current methods of communication is a progressive leap forward and as we are addressing women of the 21st century we need to communicate with them, in a way they understand best, using the tools they know best. The PR, Marketing and Communications Team is constantly evolving to meet the needs of would-be members. And yes, you do know of our BRIGHT PAST (the glorious history of an organisation delivering matchless work in over 125 countries). To match this with a BRILLIANT FUTURE we look to women and girls of today. Your personal and societal evolution will make a difference in promising ways for women and girls in your communities.

For the members of Soroptimist to keep abreast of what our membership wants we are looking at monthly stats of social media. A Working Party, specially designated, has concluded a rather mega task of a survey on Soroptimist News magazine.

Why did we do that? – so that our publication carries the spirit and ethos of Soroptimism to meet the requests and responses that you the members challenged us with. As President Johanna’s encouraging words BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE, drive us forward we are crafting an elevator pitch that spells Soroptimism.

Did we say we were 100 years old?

No way!  we are 100 years young as we march to a Brilliant Future!

Nisha Ghosh
Director of PR, Marketing and Communication