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Membership Director’s December 2022 Message

Re-ignite our Passion

As we take a break in December from our club meetings, we turn our attention to other important aspects of our lives. We all have roles and responsibilities in many settings and this is the time of year that we meet, share, party and take a well earned break, unless you are the one responsible for the Christmas Dinner!

Twixtmas becomes a good time for reflection before we list the dreaded resolutions for the New Year. As part of the reflection, we need to give ourselves a Soroptimist boost. We don’t give ourselves enough time to reflect on the positive, we feel burdened by what needs to be done.

Imagine a jug of water and a glass. When the water is poured from one to the other and back continuously, that is  a positive relationship, give and take. As Soroptimists, our aim is to ‘give’ and be selfless. That’s when the jug empties and nothing goes back in. That’s when we run out of anything to give, a one way draining relationship.  We need to fill the jug with positive feedback, a warm glow for the difference that we have made to the lives of women and girls. Then we are ready to give again.

We need to re-ignite the passion, that magic moment when we made a difference and it made us feel good, the ‘warm glow’. When we think of that moment and the positive emotion it engendered, that’s the story that we tell women we meet. They will recognise that emotion and respond to it. They will feel our passion and will want to know how they can feel the same.

As we return to the January meeting, we need to see ourselves as a united organisation.  Each of us is the face of Soroptimism, one unit that for organisation purposes is divided into clubs and regions, national associations, networks.

Soroptimist is our brand. That’s what we are promoting. Not ourselves, not our clubs etc but our work. What we collectively do as Soroptimists to improve the lives of women and girls in ways big and small, individually and in teams, with partnerships, communities and always with an eye on our personal jug of water.

So, the membership committee wish you a very lovely festive season and look forward to the year ahead, in partnership.

Dishi Attwood
SIGBI Membership Director