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Membership Director’s November 2022 Message

In her September blog, Chevonne Agana wrote about Mindset. She urged us to set a mindset of Growth. If we ALL believe in it, it will happen,

As your new Membership team start the year, a mindset of growth is vital, but it will mean different things to different circumstances of membership. In the next section, you may identify with one or all!

  • For the long established members, it was your mindset that has allowed us to continue to have a Federation. You have maintained and continue to maintain our organisation. Continue to enjoy it, but be mindful that changes have to happen. There is a great need for you to be open and supportive of new members that arrive. They will still have the passion you have but they will be using their own lived experiences to help with growth.
  • For existing ‘active’ members, we want you to continue to be enthusiastic about everything you do. If you feel you are small in number, you just have to remember that other sister clubs are working hard too. Why not have a joint meeting to share ideas, share the burden, share the success. Enthusiasm thrives in enthusiasm.
  • For members who are good at meeting new women and making connections, become a roving ambassador for Soroptimism. Talk about our brand, our worldwide reach, our individual actions that make a big difference. We are hoping to create several different forms of membership, make yourself aware of them so that you can suggest options when they ask to learn more.  This work starts immediately and the information will come out to you as soon as we can. Stir the passion that made you join and list the stories that give you have that ‘warm glow’. If they affect you emotionally, they will resonate with the women you tell.
  • For members who want to grow as Soroptimists, engage with the standing committees. There are going to be more materials, more information about the joining process, more Facebook Live sessions.


Returning to Chevonne’s blog:

  1. Simplify the process – definitely, the committee have that as a key target
  2. Draw on the passion and emotion you felt from a project well delivered, a girl receiving an education, a woman getting a Lend with Care loan and becoming self-sufficient, a family in a foodbank getting more than just the ‘basics’.
  3. Have open and honest reviews. Make your club a place where there is trust, openness, an opportunity to talk about the things that aren’t quite right. Do it in the spirit of working together to get it right.  If it looks as though it is too difficult, call for support from your Region, your Federation. At any moment, if the view emerges of ‘should we even go on’, that is the very moment you let your Region and Federation know.
  4. Make sure you are having fun! The meeting is one that you may arrive at with all sorts of burdens and leave with the glow of fun, friendship and work well planned. That’s how our organisation will grow.


Remember, if we don’t give this world the best we have, which world are we saving it for?

Dishi Attwood
SIGBI Director of Membership