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Programme Director’s December 2022 Message

As I sit and ponder about my first Programme Directors blog, I realise that I have more questions than answers, and I would very much welcome your help and input. What do you want to know about? How do I inspire and reignite your passion for Programme? What makes a person read something and not something else? I will be honest I am not a blogger, I have written newsletters and briefs, but all of this is new to me.

So here goes!

Since I started the Programme Director’s position, I have been really busy on your behalf. My inbox has been never ending; thank goodness I know how to turn off notifications as it would be pinging all day. The majority have been about the United Nations (UN), the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Climate Change Conference (Cop 27) and all the really interesting meetings and zoom events that one can attend. Here is my first question – How do I share them with you? Would you want to go? Look at UN women, CSW it you want to know more and get yourself on their mailing lists, if it gets too much you can always come off.

I am trying to keep up with Social Media feeds, LinkedIn (this is new to me and I need some lessons, please, comms team!), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and recently I have joined TikTok (definitely need lessons). I already use Pinterest and YouTube. You don’t have to use them all but acquaint yourselves with at least one, or ask people in your club to engage on your behalf. We have to embrace these platforms as more than half of the world now uses social media (59%)

  • 70 billion people around the world now use social media,
  • 227 million new users have come online within the last 12 months
  • The average daily time spent using social media is 2h 29m.
  • 12 ½ trillion hours spent online

Plus is your website current and interesting?

The Programme work we do is what will attract new members, so we have to be outward facing and use all these tools at our disposal, is your Club sharing widely the excellent work being carried out. We have to show and share with people what we are doing to make a difference. Your project work is brilliant but we have to blow our own trumpets and get it seen. I would like to see your good work replicated by other clubs and to do this we need to explore how we plan and report on our work.

To survive we need new members and Programme will bring them in, fun and friendship will keep them, alongside the great projects that you do. This is why Anne Rogers, PR and Marketing Director and Dishi Attwood Membership Director and I are all working really closely together. So often our messages will sound similar.

I am really looking forward to the launch of the new Hub. I think it will make our reporting so much better and seeing the front page feeds will inspire you all.

The Programme team have met and we are planning monthly meetings. Together, we are looking at organising webinars, training and Podcasts on all subjects relating to Programme. We have some ideas but what do you want /need? Please let us know.

The team is made up of the 5 Assistant Programme Directors, the UKPAC Chair and members representing the Asia cluster, the Caribbean cluster and our European clubs.  This means we are covering and working across the whole of our Federation.

As we approach the 16 Days of Activism there are a lot of really good resources and opportunities that are being shared. We cannot claim ignorance when there is so much free education out there. How do we advocate for others if we are not informed?

So my virtual door is open and I am ready to hear your ideas and issues. In fact I welcome them. Help us to change and move our organisation forward. I believe this is an exciting time for us and we have a great opportunity to make huge differences to women and girls across the world.

Lindsay Green
SIGBI Programme Director