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Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day?

There is a wonderful image that comes to mind when we imagine women all over the world supporting each other and celebrating each other’s achievements, not only on this special day, but throughout the year. Imagine… just imagine how much more we can achieve when we join forces with other women and become a powerful influence for good!

We know that women are very important in the prosperity of the world and for this reason it is imperative that they are offered quality levels of education. Education for women and girls is a human right that is being eroded in many parts of the world today. Today, it’s terrifying to see the talents and abilities of so many women being stifled. Clearly, it’s a very short-sighted attitude which must not go unchallenged. Gender inequality is not only a pressing moral and social issue but also a critical economic challenge, as women’s economic empowerment depends on their ability to participate equally in the existing markets. Women’s education will facilitate gender equality.

It is widely accepted that when there is women’s involvement the likelihood of peace being achieved is much greater and in so many areas of the world today there is a pressing need of peaceful intervention. Women can achieve that if they have the opportunity to contribute.

Soroptimists have an important voice on women’s issues at the United Nations through the Commission on The Status of Women. We can lobby. We can advocate. We can influence change. The whole idea of a ‘sisterhood’ as we find between Soroptimists merits strong promotion in order to attract women of all ages and backgrounds who can join us and who can positively contribute to improve the lives of women and girls in their communities and around the world.

Together we can and together we will empower women. The time is now. 

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Ivete Hunt
SI Bristol