Recent Projects

Here are a selection of projects and activities that we have supported. Projects such as the Eradicating Polio Campaign and the Trussell Foundation Appeal are supported each year.


Cyfannol (Women’s Aid) – Refuge welcome packs 

Toiletry packs for women arriving at the Refuge. We have also responded to requests for toys, cleaning materials and dressing gowns.

Mary’s Meals – Backpack project


Backpacks with clothes and equipment that enables a child in Africa to go to school. So far we have sent over 50 packs.

Food Bank -Trussell Foundation

Each Autumn we donate food to support the work of the Trussell Foundation.


Eradicating Polio Campaign

In 1988 polio paralysed 10 children for life every 15 minutes.

In 2017 there were only 37 cases worldwide.

The Eradicate Polio Campaign was established by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and operates through Rotary International together with a number of other organisations and countries. They have achieved remarkable results through collecting used plastic milk bottle tops. One kilo of these are worth 15p when sold to a recycling company and for every £1 raised in this way the B&M foundation add a further £2 thus raising £3.00 for the campaign.

Over the last 3 years Abergavenny & District Soroptimists have collected 51.5 kilo but have now lost their storage space and will no longer be collecting. We would like to thank those who have helped us;

  • Llanfihangel Crucorny School
  • Church groups
  • Plas Gunter Mansion volunteers
  • residents of Riverside Court
  • and all our friends and relatives.

Please do not stop collecting – simply take your used plastic milk bottle tops to Waitrose Customer Services desk instead as they are carrying on with the good work

Women’s Health Awareness

Independent shops in Abergavenny & Crickhowell joined us to raise the awareness of specific women’s issues. For a week at a time they decorated their shop windows in the appropriate colour. In October pink for breast cancer, in early March purple for ovarian cancer, and in late March red for endometriosis.

Breast Cancer

Ovarian Cancer


Anti Slavery Campaign

Slavery in Wales is on the rise; in 2015,  134 referrals of potential victims of slavery were reported, this is an increase of 89% on the previous year.

 Recent work carried out by the Gwent Police has resulted in long custodial sentences for the perpetrators who are keeping these people as “modern slaves”, some of these “slaves” don’t believe they are even being treated as slaves! Without contact with other people they do not know their treatment is illegal. They become confused and believe what they are doing is “normal”.

More recently Club participated in a UK-wide Soroptimist survey to ascertain the extent of the public’s knowledge of modern day slavery and trafficking. The public’s ability to recognise and act on suspicions of crime, together with relevant legislation, will help combat modern day slavery & human trafficking.


Meru Gardens

We organised a fund raising garden party with a full afternoon of  fun and refreshments with a delicious afternoon tea including scrumptious strawberries, and a raffle. We raised over £600.00.


Meru is a town in eastern Kenya. It has a population of 136,000 with 90% living in rural areas. 41% women and girls are malnourished; 43% live below the poverty line of £1.00 per day; 93% use local trees for firewood resulting in huge deforestation; 22% have no formal education; 8% achieve minimum levels of literacy.

This project aims to enable women to: become self-sufficient with sustainable gardens, raise their standard of living above the poverty line, improve girls school attendance through breakfast clubs and school gardens. increase their income by selling produce. Some lead and mentor new groups and achieve status and representation.

Toilet Twinning

The campaign is ‘flushing away poverty a toilet at a time’.  By donating £60 to twin a nominated toilet, you help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy.

We have raised funds to support this campaign and provide toilets. So far we have provided 14 toilets and 1 school toilet block. To raise awareness of the campaign in Abergavenny we had a display in centre of the town. In addition 5 toilets in Abergavenny and Crickhowell have been twinned.. This enables members of the public to find out about the Toilet Twinning Charity.