The Great Big Supper Club

This October there’s a fantastic opportunity for you to support the Meru Women’s Garden Project, a partnership with, by holding your very own Supper Club, in the same month as World Food Day!

Hosting your Supper Club

You’ll turn professional chef for the evening and sell tickets for your Supper Club, with all the money raised donated to benefit the project.

How it works

  • You’ll decide on a date in October to host your Supper Club. How about World Food Day on October 16th?
  • With suggestions from top UK chefs and Supper Club hosts, you’ll design a knock-out three-course menu, and decide
  • whether you’ll be charging your diners £20, £50 or £100 a head.
  • will give you the tools you need to create exclusive invitations for 6-10 friends, family or complete strangers!
  • You’ll cook up a storm and enjoy a fantastic evening cooking great food for your friends!
  • will spend the money you raise on helping children living in sub-Saharan Africa to stay healthy, safe and at school.

Find out more about the Great Big Supper Club and sign up on website.