February 2017

IMG_0341 Debbie's Photo

The photograph shows Carol Evans, President of Soroptimist International Amber Valley, welcoming Debbie Williams to the Club.

The February meeting of Soroptimist International Amber Valley was well attended and included a prospective member and a visitor.

The speaker was Edwina Edwards, who told us about Community Transport in Bakewell and Eyam. We watched a video of the popular 222 Dambusters Bus, which travels along the iconic route by the Derwent Dam. We saw the Cycle Hire which caters for everybody, hiring out tandems, add-ons for children, assorted sized bikes for all ages, and mobility scooters for those who need them. The site of Birchenlea, which was the temporary village lived in by the men who built the dam, with their families, also featured in the account.

Edwina also explained about some of the other aspects of the Community Transport. The nippy 16 seater buses shuttle children in term time from outlying Peak villages, who then transfer to the full sized school buses.

Some of their other activities were familiar to us in Amber Valley. To help to keep it all running a second hand Book Shop, ‘Book Ends’ has been opened in Bakewell. This has proved very popular with visitors and students. The stock is assessed by knowledgeable volunteers and any valuable books are sent for auction.

Edwina was thanked by Margaret Storer.

During the short Business Meeting which followed, the Treasurer reported that the Club is, once more, to give £450 for the air fare and visa of one of the Children of Chernobyl, and an additional £400 will go to the Yiriwa Jasmisa Nursery in Brikama in the Gambia, which we have aided in recent years. £550 is earmarked for Water Aid and, locally, £550 for Derbyshire Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Service.

Gill O’Hagan gave a brief but moving account of the work of Mary’s Meals and reported that she has sent 110 backpacks for schoolchildren, on behalf of SI Amber Valley, plus 110 from Alfreton Nursery, during the last calendar year,  and a further 35 so far this year.