January 2017

President Carol Evans welcomed Justine Gibling, CEO of Ripplez, to talk to us about their work.

Ripplez, pronounced ‘Ripples’, is a social enterprise established in 2011, which, with their Family Nurse Partnership, helps young and vulnerable mothers and their babies. It assists young mothers aged from 13 to 19 years, by giving them the skills to care for their babies – starting with antenatal care and continuing until the child’s 2nd birthday.

Early intervention, better antenatal health and improvement in parental behaviour reduce future problems. The scheme aims to get the girls back into education and training and create employable parents. For every £1 spent it has been calculated that £5 is saved by reducing future problems.

A scheme called ‘Pause’ is also in successful operation. This aims to break the destructive cycles which leads to the removal of children into care. It involves an eighteen month intervention helping the mother reassess herself and giving her the self worth and tools to enter the world of employment and take charge of her own destiny.

For more about the organisation visit www.ripplez.co.uk

 In February the members of SI Amber Valley forward to hearing Edwina Edwards talking about Community Transport in Derbyshire.

In the brief business meeting which followed the talk, members voted to fund again the plane fare and visa costs of one of the Children of Chernobyl who will enjoy a restorative visit to our region in the summer.