June 2016

The photograph shows President Carol Evans welcoming Liz Archer to SI Amber Valley. Liz, an experienced Soroptimist and a past S. I. Midland East President, has transferred to S.I. Amber Valley from S.I. Nottingham.

Members enjoyLiz June 2016ed a talk by Sarah Holt from Water Aid, about the work of the organisation. Water Aid was founded in 1981 to provide safe water, safe sanitation and hygiene education. The aim is to make these available to all by 2030. Water Aid has found that using local partners, local materials and local labour is the most reliable way to ensure lasting sustainability. As women are the ones who toil to collect water, clean or not, on a daily basis, they have the most involvement in the organisation and maintenance of the projects. The provision of clean water, safe sanitation and hygiene education saves countless lives of babies and children, and improves the health of everybody.

Sarah was thanked by Ruth Dodd, who regularly raises funds for Water Aid.

During the business meeting, which followed the talk, arrangements were discussed for Annual Garden Party, which is on Sunday 17th July in the spacious grounds of Wingfield Park Hall, Buckland Hollow.