October 2016

President Carol Evans welcomed Theresa and Michael Holmes to talk to SI Amber Valley about their enterprising time, first as film extras, and then as set dressers. Mick has appeared in the background of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and other films made in Derbyshire. Like well-worn props, an interesting lived-in face can be more useful for a film set than unlined beauty.

Theresa showed us examples of the art of set dressing. Drainpipes hidden by climbing plants, railings disguised by ‘bales of cotton’, gloss paint dulled down and unwanted features masked by hessian. Hessian can make almost anything fade into the background. We saw Theresa’s working kit attached to her waist – four or five sorts of broad sticky-tape, and, in a vast pouch, scissors, candles, headache tablets, biscuits and everything she could possibly be called upon to supply instantly.

Mick has become adept at making and even faking, useful historical props, and many were displayed for us to examine. He has become particularly skilled with Indentures and other period legal documents.

Mick and Theresa were thanked by Liz Archer for their fascinating insight into the background of film-making.

The next fundraising event for SI Amber Valley charities will be our stall at the Alfreton Lights Switch-on, taking place on Saturday 26th November. Our Christmas Stall will be on the Rodger’s Lane car park from 1 pm to 7 pm. Members have been making chutney and preserves in anticipation, and will be baking cakes as the date approaches.