Packing Bags for Barnardo’s Derbyshire Leaving Care Service

SI Amber Valley members Rachel Walker and Gill O’Hagan complete the packing of holdalls for the Barnardo's Derbyshire Leaving Care Service .

Our two expert bag packers, Gill and Rachel, have recently packed another 15 holdalls for Barnardo’s Derbyshire Leaving Care Service making a total of just under a hundred since we started this project. The aim is to supply each teenager with a starter pack of the sort you send your own offspring with when they leave home for the first time. We were very moved to receive a letter, from a recipient, thanking us and asking if it would be possible to add a small saucepan. This we did, and along with a wooden spoon there are now at least 40 items in each holdall, with occasional additions depending on what we have been given. The recipient wrote, “I left foster care with very little in the way of possessions and your bag had some much needed things in there which were a great help in getting me set up.” He goes on to say that he had been battling depression and we had shown him that “there are still some people out there who are willing to help”. This certainly helped in renewing our vigour and enthusiasm for the project.

In March 2016 due to changes at the Care Service it was decided to stop supporting this project.