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Public Speaking Competition

President Jean with top four girlsThe aim of this competition is to get young girls involved in analysis and debate about topical issues in society. It is hoped that this will make the girls more aware of the voice they have and give them some of the skills needed to use it in today’s environment.

After last years disappointing three entrants this year we had nine competitors from four schools – Ballycastle High School, Ballymoney High School, Cross and Passion and Dalriada. Elizabeth McFetridge is our Club public speaking coordinator and did an excellent job in ensuring the evening ran smoothly.

The standard of competition was very high, all of the girls demonstrating high quality research, analysis and composing skills as well as remarkable presentation skills. The girls chose to speak on quite a range of the topics from the available list. These included:

v     respect for life;

v     fantastic plastic;

v     safe environment, safe future;

v     words whisper, actions shout; and

v     political correctness, have we gone too far?

As well as enjoying a range of subjects it was interesting to hear the different treatment given to the same topic by different speakers.

The adjudicators were Frances McCollum (member), Beverly Simpson and Georgina Blair. All agreed they had a difficult task on their hands.

First place went to Jessica Morrison from Dalriada. The Club wishes Jessica every success in the Northern Ireland final to be held February 2009 in Dungannon.