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Mums for Mums

In May the members of S.I. Ballymoney and District put on their trainers and “walked the talk”. We walked round Ballymoney’s Riverside Park and while doing so raised sponsorship for the “Mums for Mums” charity and the local St John Ambulance.

Mums for Mums is an NGO based in Mekelle, Northern Ethiopia which helps young single women to gain skills training and life skills so they can become self reliant. Its achievements to date include education in HIV/AIDS prevention and control,reproductive health and family planning and the start up of the Kate Community for Elderly Women. This latter work has given a real boost to the elderly. Life expectancy in Ethiopia is 47 and there is no provision for the elderly. In the day care centre they can have social contact, food, healthcare and access to showers.

We raised £700 on our walk and split the money equally between the 2 charities.