What’s been a happening?

Mamma Mia Sing-a-long

Group A would like to thank all those who supported the Mamma Mia sing-a-long and fish supper. Lots of funds raised for the President’s Charities. Well done, particularly those who really got into the swing/ sing of things. Well done Bet for winning the best costume prize. Thank you also to our guests and, friends and Soroptimisters for making it such an enjoyable evening.

Even Bill, Harry and Sam turned up…but which Dad was this?

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Donation to LATCH

We were delighted to donate £1000 to LATCH, the charity which helps children and their families at the oncology unit of the University Hospital, Cardiff. A small group of members spent the morning with Stephen Price hearing all about the work of LATCH and toured the family unit, which provides rooms for parents and families who travel long distances. It means parents and family can stay close to the children at a critical time in their lives. They were also told of the need to support the whole family both financially and emotionally throughout the treatment process.

It was particularly poignant for the Soroptimists as most of the money was raised at the funeral of one of their long serving members, Maywin Thomas, and donated to the club. They decided that as she had been a teacher who loved children it should go to a children’s charity and chose LATCH. Her daughter Katrin accompanied them on the visit and all agreed that the idea of using the donation to buy 3 iPads for the children was one Maywin would have approved of. Children undergoing treatment can feel very isolated and providing iPads helps them to carry on with school work and stay in touch with friends and family during their treatment. They are also used to communicate with doctors and nurses, ask questions about their treatment, prepare for radiotherapy, relieve boredom and help to de-stress what is a very scary experience.


Club members become “actors” for the Murder Mystery Fun and Fundraising Evening