Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast Cancer Now

“Right now, breast cancer is at a tipping point. More women are surviving. But more are being diagnosed than ever before. One in eight women in the UK will face breast cancer in their lifetime.”

Brest Cancer Care

“More people than ever are surviving, but the reality is that someone is diagnosed every 10 minutes in the UK. This life-threatening disease will abruptly become part of their story and that of their friends and families.”


The statistics are borne out in our club so as a recognition of the work done and further work needed we decided to show our support at our October supper meeting. Several members had already joined the Conker Walk for Breast Cancer Now. So now we were encouraged to wear something pink at our meeting. The range of outfits made for a very pink evening.

Special thanks to the Seashore Grill and Cafe for joining in with the theme and decorating the room with lots of pink!