Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) Beach Watch Big Week 2017.





Nine volunteers from Soroptimist International Barry and District gathered at Jackson’s Bay on the glorious sunny morning of September 17th 2017 for the annual Beachwatch Survey. This is part of a national event organised by the Marine Conservation Society, where groups of volunteers survey the quantity and types of waste found on the beaches of the UK. Beach litter can be dangerous to humans and wildlife. The data collected has informed campaigns from the MCS to lobby for reduction in the use of plastics in the production of cotton buds, for example, which are extremely dangerous to marine life.
The Vale Council do an excellent job in keeping the beach clean and it looked pristine. However the volunteers did manage to gather a kilo and a quarter of waste, mostly bits of broken glass, bits of plastic, 60 cigarette butts and a couple of cans. This data will be added to the national database which is the only record there if of what is washed up on our beaches. Soroptimist Linda Jones, who organised the Survey and all agreed it was a great excuse for a stroll and chat in the fresh air with a useful outcome!

The  photo shows the volunteers including Dewi the dog.