Calendar 2017/18/19

  1. Venue for Business Meeting is Victoria Hall, High Bebington



10th  January                                                 Business Meeting

24th   January                                                 Action Group Meetings

27th  January                                                 SI Birkenhead Burns Supper

4th   February                                                Table Top Sale/Toilet Twinning

14th  February                                                Business Meeting

18th February                                              SI Chester Charter Lunch

19th February                                              SI Birkenhead Shirley Valentine Play

25th  February                                                Regional Meeting Cheshire View

1st   March                                                     Quiz Night

5th  March                                                     SI Llandudno Charter Lunch

8th March                                                     International Womens’ Day

14th  March                                                    Business Meeting

18th March                                  SI Runcorn Frodsham & District Charter Dinner

25th  March                                                    Fundraising event

8th    April                                           Regional Presidents Day-Deeside College

11th  April                                                       Business Meeting

17th   April                                       Women and Children’s Aid-Easter Egg Hunt

25th   April                                                      AGM-Social

9th May                                                         Business Meeting

23rd May                                                   Action Group Meetings

13th June                                                     Business Meeting

16th June                                 Coffee Morning for Meru Women’s Garden Project

24th June                                                Christchurch Summer Fair

1st July                                           Growing our Brand in local community

11th July                                                        Business Meeting

15th July                                                         New Ferry Show

19th July                                            Charity Luncheon Eaton Hall

8th August                                                     Club summer meal

13th August                                     New Ferry Riverpark Birthday event

11th September                                  Club outing Liverpool Empire

12th September                                               Business Meeting

17th September                                  Charity Car Boot Sale @ Hospice

19th September                                               Executive Meeting

26th September                                           Action Group Meetings

30th September                                                   Region AGM

7th October                                                          Memory Walk

10th October                                                     Business Meeting

24th October                                      Charity Fashion Show@ Christ Church

26th-28th October                                        SIGBI Conference Cardiff

11th November                                 Region Meeting/ Change of Insignia

14th November                                                  Business Meeting

1st December                                       Region Meeting/ Christmas lunch

9th December                                        Brotherton Park Christmas Event

12th December                                         Business Meeting/ Social/ Q&A


9th January                                                        Business Meeting 

20th January                                                       Region meeting                                            

13th February                                                    Business Meeting 

17th February                                                     Region Meeting

20th February                                               Social-Sunset Boulevard

25th February                                                  Chester SI luncheon

10th March                                                    OAKS charity Spring Ball

13th March                                                          Business Meeting 

20th March                                                          Social New Brighton

23rd March                                                      Wirral Singers Concert, Pensby

10th April                                                                     AGM

15th April                                                        Region Presidents Lunch, Eastham Golf Club

8th May                                                                 Business Meeting 

12th May                                                               Business Meeting

29th May                                                           OAKS  Charity Fashion Show

2nd June                                                                 Region Meeting

12th June                                                              Business Meeting

19-20th June                                                      Royal Cheshire Show

21st June                                                   Autism Together Basket Presentation

23rd June                                                           Christchurch Church Fair

3-8th July                                                            Llangollen Eisteddfod

4th July                                                        Charity Luncheon Grosvenor Park

10th July                                                               Business Meeting

12th August                                             Autism car boot sale. Bromborough Pool

11th September                                                            Business meeting

22nd September                                                           Region meeting

29th September                                                            Fun day out Liverpool.Meal & theatre

3rd October                                                                    SI club friendship day

9th October                                                                    Business meeting

25th-27th October                                                         SIGBI Conference Liverpool

13th November                                                             Business meeting. Speaker Incubabies

17th November                                                             Region Change of Insignia

30th November                                                             Civic Wartime Dinner.  Wallasey Town Hall

11th December                                                              Christmas meal. Portofinos


8th January                                                                    Meeting & bag pack for Women’s Refuge

22nd January                                                                 Planning meeting ‘re 3 year programme

23rd January                                                                 Social.  Meal Portofinos & cinema

12th Feb                                                                         Business Meeting Victoria Hall 7.30pm & Mary’s Meals

16th February                                                                Region Meeting Llandudno

26th February                                                                 Officers Meeting@ Acorn 5.30pm

12th March                                                                     Business Meeting Victoria Hall. 7.30 pm

9th April                                                                          AGM Victoria Hall 7.30pm