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In 2011,this group worked with the Bee Plus Project at a school in the New Forest. A resource pack was provided to Year 2 pupils and the materials were easily incorporated into a Summer Term’s work.

The staff enjoyed the quality of the  materials,and this helped the children learn about the importance of the role of the bee and the need to improve our environment by creating a good habitat for them.

As part of the project every child was given a hessian bag,workbook,honey spoon, lavender seeds and some  honey. This helped make the learning experience great fun for the children.

Early in 2014 we were delighted to learn about the fun that Moordown Brownies had with the project. They had adapted the original pack and used it to invent a Bee beetle drive, a waggle dance, learnt about flowers that attracted bees, and planted seeds. A local bee keeper gave a talk, and bees were the theme for craft work and honey the flavour of cakes decorated with bee motifs. The bee movie was  also watched and next year there is a challenge to take photos of bees on flowers.