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Programme Action Report 2012 – 2013


April 2012 – 13






Bridgend Women’s AidWe continue to support Bridgend Women’s Aid and two of   our members are highly involved in the organisation. We will be continuing to   support this essential service through donations, people support and gifts.
Christmas Tree Festival Nolton ChurchWe were invited to take part in this annual festival which raises funds   for Nolton Church. Our tree looked lovely with all the decorations,   especially those sent to us by our Friendship Links.
Operation Christmas ChildWe continue to fill shoeboxes with gifts for young children in various   European Countries This is coordinated by Eileen.
KarachiWe continue to support Talat through Connect which   provides education for children in the areas affected by the floods in   Pakistan. We have also supported the Garden Project by buying tools and seeds   to make women in the Sind Province self sufficient
Support for the Rest Care   HotelAlthough we can no longer provide a holiday we continue   to serve tea and Inez supports them in other ways
Cape Verde We continue to support the education of Daisy the   younger sister of Jocelyn. An update was shared with club at the last   business meeting. Joyce reports that both Daisy and her sister Jocelyn are   expected to do well in their schooling.
Contact the elderly This has been a major project and has been very   successful. We currently have a number of ladies and one gentleman. The next   tea is in Lily’s – we would like more hosts please!
Reading ProjectThis project has been an outstanding success and   continues to support young readers in Penyfai School.
Face Up CymruFunds were raised during President Kathryn’s year to   support those with facial disfigurements.
Girls School in Hadhramaut in the YemenThis has been President Cary’s project and funds will   support education and help in the building of the school.


Regional projects:

The Drinking project.

Carys is very involved in the working party and presented the awards in April. We are pleased to announce that a pupil from Penyfai School won an award.


Federation Projects:

All members have access to PAM (Programme Action Magazine) on line. We have been involved in and raised funds for the Purple Teardrop Project and Birthing in the Pacific



International Women’s Day – We met on the old bridge in Bridgend and (had lunch) to raise awareness of violence against women.

Girl Guides – We support guides to attend international conferences.



Way Forward:

  • Continue with the on-going projects.
  • Support President Barbara
  • Hold regular PA meetings
  • Consider how we can become advocates to promote Soroptimist – Goal 2