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Programme Action Report 2011 – 2012


 AGM April 2011 – 2012

 Bridgend Women’s Aid

We continue to support Bridgend Women’s Aid and two of our members are highly involved in the organisation of the organisation. We will be continuing to support this essential service through donations, people support and gifts.

Christmas Tree Festival Nolton Church

We were invited to take part in this annual festival which raises funds for Nolton Church. Our tree looked lovely with all the decorations, especially those sent to us by our Friendship Links.

Operation Christmas Child

We continue to fill shoeboxes with gifts for young children in various European Countries This is coordinated by Eileen.

Karachi (click here for a full report on our Karachi Project)

We continue to support Talat and club agreed to support Connect which is group set up by Talat to provide education for children in the areas affected by the floods in Pakistan. The ESU has invited us to provide the tombola stall for the annual garden party and again all funds will be going to the schools. I have been busy making scarves and bags which will be on sale at the Regional meeting next week.

Support for the Rest Care Hotel

Although we can no longer provide a holiday we continue to serve tea and Inez supports them in other ways.

Cape Verde

We continue to support the education of Daisy the younger sister of Jocelyn. An update was shared with club at the last business meeting. Joyce reports that both Daisy and her sister Jocelyn are expected to do well in their schooling.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Christine provides administration support for the bureau.

Contact the elderly

This has been a major project and has been very successful. We currently have 6 ladies who join us for tea every two months. The last one was in Eurwen’s. We will continue to do this and the next tea is in Joy’s House – We need more volunteers to both host and drive and make cakes!! We have been invited to a Jubilee Tea in June

Reading Project

I haven’t received an up to date report on the success of this project but I believe that it is going well with both children and Soroptimists benefitting. I haven’t been able to include in the SIGBI data base as I need information PLEASE! 


Way Forward:

  • Continue with the on-going projects.
  • Support President Carys
  • Hold regular PA meetings

Regional projects:

We have been involved in regional projects which include Lassa fever (finished) and the Drinking project. Carys is very involved in the working party which continues to provide information and there will be an update at the next Regional meeting in May.

Federation Projects:

All members have access to PAM (Programme Action Magazine) on line. This gives us up to date information and news across SIGBI. We need to be aware of this and maybe we can consider becoming more involved in the future.