Our Friendship Weekend in September 2013

Every year or so we get together with our Friendship Link Clubs SI Gluckstadt in Germany and SI Vejle in Denmark. This time it was our turn to host the gathering. 

We are looking forward to the next get-together in Vejle in September 2014! It is so enjoyable to spend time with our hosts, and we have made firm friendships over the years. A super way to spend a weekend!


Bodil from Vejle and Steffi from Gluckstadt enjoying the barbecue at Chris Ball’s house.


Margaret Heather and Ingrid from Vejle








Else from Vejle


“Soroptimisre” Mike Ackroyd serving our guests at the Welcome Barbecue at Chris Ball’s house.


Walking at Barton Marina


On the bridge at Barton Marina



Lunch at Jill Evans’ house


Staffi and Joan Hall from the Wednesday Club


Visiting the Brewery Museum


Steffi and her partner Wolfgang discovering the joys of English Pub games


Past President Diane and Steffi having a great time at the Reception Dinner


Bodil with her hostess Diane Buxton walking at Branston Water Park


Treasurer Valerie Burton with our longest serving member Muriel Gould, at the Farewell Brunch at Gill Cutchey’s house


Mike Rodgers, the Mayor of East Staffordshire, meeting our visitors