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Student Awards 2014

In 1987 founder member Miss Gladys Rowland, a local Head Teacher, died aged 91 and she left a sum of money to SI Burton upon Trent. In 1988 it was decided to use this  money to support girls from local schools and colleges starting University courses specialising in Maths, Engineering and Technical subjects. In 1989 the first Awards Ceremonytook place. Since them 120 girls have benefited. Funding this project is continuing through donations and fund raising.
The Award Winners for 2014 were:   Noreen Akram (Medicine) Birmingham
                                                     Annabel Hollis (Rural Environment & Land Management) Harper Adams
                                                     Victoria Gibbons (Medicine) Keele
                                                     Laura Moss (Maths) Bristol
                                                     Emily Abel (Medical Sciences) Leeds