Past President’s Message

web-margaret_hyde_03Thank you for visiting our site and I hope we’ve given you some idea of what we do and why we care a great deal about improving the lives of women and girls in this country and around the world. We’ve partly earned our title as one of the world’s best kept secrets by having an unpronounceable name derived from a Latin root. Soros, as in “sisters” and optimist as in “best of” which broadly translates into, best for women.

There are some 85,000 of us in 130 countries and 3,000 clubs around the world. We have friendship exchange links with half a dozen of them. We are recognised by the United Nations as a global voice for women. Locally, our members are drawn from in and around Cambridge, Ely, Huntingdon and Saffron Walden and the club has been going for nearly 70 years.

We are passionate about stopping violence against women in all its forms, educating girls in a world where 40 million never make it to secondary schools, clean water and sanitation and opening up opportunities for women to take leadership roles in creating peaceful and productive communities.

There’s plenty to do locally: We support the Women’s Aid centre with practical goods and by lobbying, we’re encouraging organisations and businesses to twin their toilets, we’re giving bookmarks with relationships advice to schoolchildren among several other projects.

It’s my task as this year’s president to keep the plates spinning and the balls in their air. Our club members are busy people with the right priorities. I think you would enjoy meeting them. We usually meet a couple of times a month – on Mondays at the Meadows Centre CB4 3XJ. You are most welcome to visit our meetings – just let us know on the” Contact Us” page. I look forward to meeting you.

Margaret Hyde  President 2016-2017