Barnardo’s Cymru –

January 2019 – just over £60 was sent to Barnardos, the final sum held in the club account for Barnardos bringing a long association of support for them to a conclusion.

SI Cardiff & District supported the work of Barnardos for many years during which the club fundraised to give Christmas gift vouchers to the young mums in the Young Families flats in Canton and supported their Christmas Fayre.

December 2016 –  Six £20 Vouchers were taken to Barnardos in Carmathen Street Canton Cardiff for young mums and their babies.


December 2015 – Ann Thomas Programme Action Officer (pictured far right above) having lunch with young mothers and families at Barnardos, Carmarthen Street, when Ann took the opportunity to give the mums their Christmas Vouchers – 8 in all. The turkey and cranberry baps were delicious and the home made cup cakes went down well !

For Christmas 2014. 13 vouchers for £10 each were divided between the mums at the Young Families Unit in Carmarthen Street and the young single girls in supported accommodation.  In December 2013  –  20 vouchers  were handed over.


In the past, we  collected household items (crockery/bedlinen/towels etc.) for young people setting up their first homes in Barnardo’s accommodation; helped with the small back garden and children’s play area at Barnardo’s Marlborough Road Centre and funded art therapy sessions for a vulnerable young girl.

We also supported the Barnardo’s Seraf Service  raising £450 to support the development and performance of ‘What’s Happening Frankie’, a play about trafficking for young people; donating teddy bears for trafficked children; supporting the launch of the Child Sexual Exploitation booklet ‘Sex, Secrets and Lies’; and volunteering at the ‘Something for Something’ artwork event on trafficking at the Millennium Centre.

In  2012 SI Cardiff helped with the Homemaking Project, preparing Barnardo’s accommodation before new clients move in. Flats in Kings Road, Canton were cleaned and decorated, to help create a safe place for the young people (mostly single girls) when they come out of care or need to get their lives back on track. This also saves Barnardo’s thousands of pounds a year, which would otherwise have to be raised.


Photos above – Barnardo’s Homemaking Project – SI Cardiff & District members at work in the Barnardo’s flats in Kings Road