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PURPLE COMMUNITY FUND      From May 2016, members have been collecting ring pulls from cans which are sent to the Purple Community Fund for re-cycling in a most imaginative way. As at April 2018, over 100,000 ring pulls have been collected.

March 2019 – a parcel containing about 2,500 ring pulls weighing 1.4K was sent to PCF

December 2018 – a large supply of rings pulls was delivered to PCF

October 2018 – Jane Walker MBE founder of the charity spoke to members at their supper meeting.  She outlined how and why the PCF was established, its past and current work and spoke passionately about the needs of the many in the Philippines and the way in which many struggle and work hard to survive.  Jane returned to her HQ with a hefty supply of ring pulls collected by members.

April 2018 – a box weighing nearly 7kg of ring pulls collected by members was sent to PCF

January 2018 – a box weighing nearly 5kg of ring pulls collected by members was sent to the PCF

Wednesday 22nd November 2017
At the club and supper meeting, members were given the opportunity to purchase items made by the Purple Community Fund in the Philipines

Club member Jill Delgado during her many visits to Cape Verde, asked islanders to collect the ring pulls which they did with enthusiasm as a way of appreciation for the support given to their community via the club’s education trust. As a further fund raiser, members were invited to guess how many ring pulls were in on of the bags brought back by Jill.  See above – Anthea Thomas was the winner!