What is soroptimism, who are we and what do we do?

What is soroptimism?

Soroptimist International is a worldwide dynamic organisation for professional and business women. Through awareness, advocacy and action at international, national and local levels, we are committed to a world where women and girls achieve their individual and collective potential, realise aspirations and have an equal voice in creating strong and peaceful communities.


Educate – Empower– Enable

Soroptimist Values:

  • Human rights for all
  • Global peace and international goodwill
  • Advancing women’s potential
  • Integrity and democratic decision making
  • Volunteering, diversity & friendship

The word Soroptimist comes from the Latin words soror (sister) and optima (best) – the best for women

Who are we and what do we do?

The club has 25 members plus 1 linked members from all walks of life.

Jen Hancock a microbiology service manager is the club’s president

SandraSandra Ajax, a company director is the club’s past president 2017/18 and regional representative

Jeni Gower-Jones is joint programme action officer

Jeni Gower-Jones is the programme action officer

The club Vice-President is Professor Jackie Jones, a law lecturer

Paula Brookes

Paula Brookes, an NHS laboratory manager is the club’s secretary

Dr Kay Richmond a physician and medical director is the club treasurer

pat-onePat Binding is the club’s membership officer.

Click here for Dev-Plan-2015-2018-latest  and see https://sigbi.org/cardiff-and-district/programme-action-club-activities/

If you are interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you via the Contact Us form https://sigbi.org/cardiff-and-district/contact-us/