The term communications covers public relations, publicity and marketing activity.

It covers internal and external communications and all available forms of media to

address communications.

The main purpose of the Communications Officer is to use every opportunity to raise

the profile of Soroptimist International of the Caribbean Network and ensure that it is

portrayed as a prestigious and dynamic professional women’s organisation with an

international impact and to carry out the duties of an Officer of the network Region,

working to promote the Vision and Mission of Soroptimist International.



KEY TASKS – Together with her Committee

1. Ensure that the Network and Clubs within the Network have either a SIGBI website,

or a website that is approved by SIGBI for linking into the SIGBI website Committee, a

facebook page and or newsletter.

3. Attend and participate in Network meetings and events.

4. Encourage Clubs within the Network to promote their activities and Programme

Action work in the local media.

5. Write and distribute to appropriate outside agencies, regular, interesting and accurate

informative press releases on Network activities and events.

6. Arrange Network radio, television and press interviews/conferences on newsworthy

subjects and events.

7. Watch for new developments and issues and take the opportunity to contact the

media with the Soroptimist view.

8. Endeavour to Produce the CAR-I-ON magazine/ newsletter as decided by the


7. Report to the Network on communication issues and liaise closely with the Federation

Directors of Communications and Membership and the Network Organizational

Development and Membership Officers to promote communication and development

activities and implement publicity and marketing strategies.