Soroptimists in Flintshire Progress Report

Report to Region Meeting February 2019

The group has been meeting since April 2017 with a total of 18 meetings so far.

Active Committee members

Stella McKay-Moffat (Lead) SI Wallasey

Region Federation Councillor Hilary Laidler SI Ellesmere Port

Region Development Officer Kathryn Lewis SI Nantwich

Shirley Jones, Federation Exec. SI Rhyl


By the November 2018 meeting, five committed potential members had been attending the majority of meetings.  However, at the time of this report the number of potential members has fallen to four. This decline appears to be the result of encouragement given to members at the January meeting to take on a key role in the Group.  There is uncertainty about a further member.

Associate Membership or joining an established Club (SI Rhyl and SI Chester being the nearest) have been discussed again. In the event that viability of the Flintshire Club is not possible, two of the members are seriously considering these options.

Much appreciated is the continued support by some members of other Clubs i.e. SI Rhyl (the Mother Club), SI Nortwich, Wallasey; & Birkenhead.


Stella attended the Christmas Fayre at Connah’s Quay Civic Hall, gratefully supported by Penny Clarke and Margaret Stewart, offering an opportunity for awareness-raising and a small amount of fundraising.  A school Christmas Fayre was attended by one of the members, again raising a small amount of funds.

Shirley Jones and one of the members gave a well-received talk and video about the Mary’s Meals Charity and the Backpack Project at a primary school. The school organised a ‘pyjama and hot chocolate’ event with the children to raise funds for the Charity.

A local secondary school will welcome a presentation in the near future about Soroptimist International and the Flintshire group.

An event to mark International Women’s Day from 10-2pm at the Deeside Leisure Centre on 9thMarch, is in the early planning stage.  Members have identified several potential speakers / exhibitors to reflect the theme and are in the process of inviting them to attend.  Because of the limited number of members, additional help may be needed on the day.


Region and ‘Club’ social media continue to be the main marketing strategy, with distribution of flyers whenever possible.

Dedicated mobile phone and email for contact continue, although enquiries from potential members have been very limited.

It is hoped that other opportunities to have a stall for awareness raising / recruitment will be taken up, but this will greatly depend on availability of people to organise staff a stall.

Advertising opportunities and use of Local Radio will be explored for promoting the March event.


Deeside Women’s Refuge

Donations of bedding and (for the men’s Refuge) toiletries requested by the local Domestic Abuse & Support Unit have been made. The next donation will consist of a further supply of Exit Buckets which the Unit have said they would be delighted to receive.

Mary’s Meal backpacks

A total of 40 backpacks have been / are about to be, sent off. These included six donated by a group of local Brownies.

Meeting Venue

From the January 2019 meeting the venue changed to the Deeside Leisure Centre.  The venue is more cost effective (a negotiated £15 for 2 hours) and there is a greater footfall, increasing the ability to raise awareness.


The Group are self-funding now; therefore an even tighter control is being kept on costs. Members have agreed to give £3 at each meeting to support venue cost and coffee.

SI Rhyl’s Treasure continues to bank funds for the Group, which is greatly appreciated.

Stella McKay-Moffat