Soroptimists in Flintshire Progress Report

June 2018

It’s a full year since the first meeting of the proposed Club with 11 meetings in all.

Committee members to date include:

  • Stella McKay-Moffat (Lead) SI Wallasey
  • Region President Hilary Laidler SI Ellesmere Port
  • IP Region President Denny Owen SI Rhyl
  • Region Federation Councillor Shirley Jones SI Rhyl
  • Shirley Whiteway President SI Rhyl
  • Past Region Treasurer Veronica Anderson SI Runcorn & Frodsham
  • Region President Elect Pam Cheesley-Hollinshead SI Bebing

Unfortunately due to pressing commitments, Shirley Whiteway and Denny Owen are standing down from the Committee.  Two other members have been supportive from a distance but due to personal circumstances have been unable to offer practical help. Therefore it is imperative that a minimum of two additional members willing to take on a practical role are recruited.  In particular someone needs to be willing to take/write Club meeting minutes and another to take charge of marketing / communication.


Region & ‘Club’ social media continue to be the main marketing strategy and production of flyers that members distribute.

An article was published in the FlintshireLeader newspaper on March 16thwith 3 photographs.

Dedicated mobile phone & email for contact continue, although text/phone calls don’t seem to be the medium favoured by potential members.


Suggested by one of the members, an event to mark International Women’s Day did not occur due to time constraints and venue cost. However, a display using the Region boards in the foyer of the Deeside Leisure Centre proved very successful (see projects below).

A June ‘Equaliteas’ tea party and possible speaker event has been suggested by a member for the Wednesday meeting, celebrating 90 years since the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act becoming law.

The group has accepted an invitation to have a stall on Saturday 15thSeptember in Hawarden when the Flintshire Records Office will be celebrating 100 years of Flintshire women.

Members have also begun to identify potential events in the Flintshire area giving an opportunity for an awareness / fundraising stall.


We have, at best, 6 enthusiastic members (a reduction from 8 at the last report) but this is not reflecting the hard work gone into developing the club.

10 other women have attended one or two meetings but not wished to continue despite email and text invitations. There have been expressions of interest from another couple of women but they haven’t actually attended.

Members from the Mother Club, SI Rhyl, a member from SI Nortwich, SI Wallasey & SI Birkenhead have been supportive at a meeting(s) which is much appreciated.

Associate Membership has been explained and some of the group are considering this. Members have been invited to attend SI Rhyl and SI Chester’s meetings but none have done so to date. Several members are interested in attending SI Chester’s up-coming event on Modern Day Slavery. Members have been encouraged to attend the June Region meeting, especially as Federation President Sue Biggs is keen to meet them, and Conference.


Deeside Women’s Refuge

As requested by the Refuge, a selection of knickers & socks for the women were purchased and delivered by one of the group.

 Mary’s Meal backpacks

Planning for this project is underway possibly in conjunction with a local school and Brownies group

 Purple Tear Drop Campaign

78 signatures were collected at the Deeside Leisure Centre and a small amount of money in a bucket collection for the Women’s Refuge.

Programme Focus Report Forms have been completed by Shirley Jones.


A tight reign continues on costs.  Meeting attendees give a £1 donation to help build some capital for the Club, & some fundraising has been undertaken both at meetings (for the General Fund) & events (for the Charity Fund). Attendees have been asked to consider increasing the subs to £2 to cover cost of the coffee at meetings as well as adding to capital, thus reducing the cost to Region by £10 per meeting.

Expenditure to date
Connah’s Quay

Room hire


£37 –   April

£37-    May

FOC – Jun

FOC – July

FOC – Aug

£11   – Sept

£14.74 Oct

£22 – Nov

FOC – Jan 2018

£25 – February

£32- March

£32 – April

Mobile phone SIM £10
Stationary £65.92
Advertising £57.60
SIGBI Publications £78.06
Running total £422.32


May and June meetings have been provisionally booked and costings are awaited.

Club General Fund = £141.05 (£34.50 awaiting banking), Helping Fund = £24.31 (£10.11 awaiting banking).

Club Management

Although one of the members took minutes at the March meeting with support, none feel, understandably, that they have enough knowledge of the Organisation to take on this or any other role at present. However, they requested time together at the beginning of meetings to build into a cohesive group and discuss how they would like to move forward as a ‘Club’. This has been facilitated.

Stella McKay-Moffat