Region Presidents Report

Region President’s Report February 2018

  1. First of all may I say how excited I am to be looking forward to a year working with the Officers, Club Regional Representatives and Region members.
  2. We are a team of great women who have a strong sense of purpose and a wish to make a difference to the lives of women and girls by being willing to go that extra mile to help make things happen.
  3. May I take this opportunity of thanking you for being prepared to give up your time to do this and work with me over the coming months
  4. Since taking office at the Cardiff Conference at the end of October, things have been slowly building up for me to where we are today
  5. I recruited my first Associate Member, Wendy Smith, to the organisation on the 2nd November, but sadly it was to the Wales South Region, but she is following our Region more closely and I am keeping her involved in the work of SIGBI and what this Region is involved with. Please say hello to her on the Region Facebook page
  6. I continue to be involved in the setting up of the new Soroptimists in Flintshire Club, attending meetings, being on the stand at the Christmas Fair in the Civic Hall and joining the prospective members at their Christmas Social on the 15th I have set up the Facebook and Twitter pages which are now going to be managed by the members themselves
  7. The 11th November was a wonderful occasion, where the Change of Insignia event was preceded by some excellent speakers. It was a lovely day on so many levels. I hope that individuals and clubs can get on board with my theme of ‘Walk a Mile with a Smile’ and also pause to recognise those that go that extra mile with a smile to make a difference.
  8. The Region President’s Lunch on Sunday 15th April will be raising funds in aid of Dentaid and I hope that as many as possible can support this event
  9. On 22nd November, thanks to the email support of fellow Region Officers, Regional Treasurer Lesley and I had a meeting with Kay Salter at HSBC, with a view to setting up a Region Bank account for the purposes of brooch sales, etc. We completed all the paperwork on the day and are now in the final stages of getting the account up and running. Todate, over £1000 has been sent to Soroptimist International Women, Water and Leadership Appeal from the Region
  • On 28th November I was invited to attend SI Nantwich and District’s speaker meeting ad dinner. I was pleased that my first occasion as Region President was at the club where my Soroptimist journey began
  • This was quickly followed by the Cheshire Show Fundraising Committee’s event and lunch at the Holiday Inn on the 1st December where, once again, I was able to purchase some lovely Christmas presents and jewellery for myself while supporting the cause
  • I was very disappointed not to have made it to SI South Caernarfon’s Christmas Service and Lunch on 9th December due to inclement weather between Ellesmere Port and Criccieth. Sadly others were affected by the weather as well, resulting in many partners being invited to take our places at the lunch. This was going to be my first attempt at speaking Welsh as well! However, those present were able to hear what I was going to say as my talk was shared with those present after the meal
  1. Another casualty of the weather was SI Denbigh and Ruthin’s event with Christine Evans on Monday 11th December having to be postponed
  • However, I was pleased to be able to join members of SI Heswall and District for their International Lunch on 14th December
  • Earlier this week I heard from Caroline Kesby at SI South Caernarfon that Eilw Evans died last week. Her funeral is being held at 2.15pm on Monday 22nd January at Bangor Crematorium
  • So this brings me to wishing you all a Happy New Year and stay well
  1. I am looking forward to a busy and enjoyable year working with you all