Regional Membership Officer’s Report

February 2018Untitled

Region Membership Officer Caroline Lightfoot-Smith

Following the two training days for ‘Growing our Brand’ every Club has been implementing their individual plans. Regional President Hilary has asked that I give a full list of our Club membership statistics so that you can see the information held by SIGBI. This is only as up to date as the information that you have shared with them!

Club 1/9/2017 Members New Transfer in Left Transfer out Died 5/1/2018 members
Anglesey 40           40
Bangor and District 41 1       1 41
Bebington 17           17
Birkenhead 24         1 23
Chester 18 1         19
Denbigh, Ruthin and District 14           14
Ellesmere Port and District 22 2         24
Heswall and District 44           44
Hoylake and West Kirby 14           14
Llandudno and District 34 1         35
Nantwich and District 36           36
Northwich and District 38     2     36
Rhyl and District 25 1         26
Runcorn, Frodsham and District 20           20
South Caernarvonshire 36           36
Wallasey 14 1         15
TOTAL 437 7 0 2 0 2 440


In addition to the 440 Club members we have 1 Associate member too.

It is excellent to see that we have had 7 new members to the Region and I would like to extend a welcome to you all.

Thank you to SI Chester who made me very welcome at the Business meeting. I certainly have come away with lots of ideas on recruiting and retaining members. I am very happy to join other clubs to share their thoughts and ideas. Please contact me if you would like to arrange this.

In friendship

Caroline Lightfoot-Smith

Regional Membership Officer