Meru Garden Project 2016 – 2019

Funds raised by our Federation so far a massive £150,885.60

Funds raised in Cheshire North Wales & Wirral Region in April 2019 was £6,148.36

Well done to All !

Meru Women’s Garden Project supports some of the poorest women-led households in Kenya, and is entirely focussed on providing opportunities to women and girls who may never otherwise be given the chance to earn an income, giving them status within their community. It fully embraces the three key areas at the heart of SIGBI’s Programme Focus Goals –Educate, Empower and Enable. Improved food production and education will support women and girls to transform their lives and those of others through a process of cascade learning and mentoring thereby reducing poverty, improving health and increasing employment – click here for more information on SIGBI websi

The Project is being run on the ground by CIFORD (Community Initiative for Rural Development) and overseen by our partner CIFORD is inspirationally led by Director Margaret Ikiara.

Shirley Whiteway, CNWW Region Ambassador for this project keeps us updated regularly on the progress we are making.

Read Meru Garden Project Report April 2019 here

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Shirley Whiteway has the lates figures of funds raised so far from SIGBI which are excellent. The figures raised in our Region Cheshire North Wales & Wirral are over £12.000. Shirley says “I would like to congratulate our members and thank them as their Regional Meru Ambassador for their amazing contribution to this wonderful project”

Please read this Updated report from Federation Project Liaison Patricia Gatherum who recently attended a meeting with Federation Programme Director Barbara Dixon and representatives from

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On April 10th Soroptimists arrived in Meru at the start of the Soroptimist SIGBI Study tour, and received a hero’s welcome from Margaret and the women there. 

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Shirley attends conference call with Marti, International Programme manager and Amanjit, Product Officer, both are Officers with

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Shirley introduces Frederick, the new Programme officer for CIFORD, he will support Margaret in all aspects of the project, helping to coordinate and facilitate the agricultural training and boys forums. Also the mother’s nutritional training when it is ready to begin,