Environmental Sustainability

SI Rhyl & SI Llandudno initiated a joint Bee project in local schools. They provided Honey and other food samples such as Tomato sauce, Baked beans, Strawberry jam etc. all pollinated by Bees. This was to show the children the link between everyday foods and household items such as Beeswax candles, polish, toiletries such as lip balm, hand cream, soap, honey cough linctus and lozenges and honey bandages.Environmental Sustainability

They paid travelling expenses for the Beekeepers to visit 3 schools in Llandudno and 9 schools in Rhyl. These visits incorporate usually a whole day visit to a school where 60-90 children learn more about the bees. The Beekeeper brings a transporter with about 2000 bees and a Queen bee enclosed within it. It has glass sides enabling the children to view the bees.

The clubs organized activities ranging from rolling pieces of wax sheets and beeswax into the shape of candles, drawing pictures of bees, answering questionnaires, and also sampling and smelling the different toiletries and seeing the different plants and flowers that bees are attracted to. They sampled different types of honey some from Canada Italy, Zambia and Guatamala. and honey cake which baked at home.35706_P1010727

One of the schools visited has a link with a Bee project in Madagascar. Using samples of honey from abroad especially those with Fairtrade symbols on the jars enables the children to understand that keeping bees and farming the honey helps support the poorer families and communities.