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President’s Message


President Deborah’s Address – 2019/2020

I wish to thank you all for allowing me to take up this challenge of SI Chester President.
I am in awe of you all, seeing you as a group of women who are strong and inspiring. You have empowered me with simple words and actions, quiet understanding and support, that gives me strength to take on this role.


When my daughter started rowing I encouraged her although she couldn’t swim very well, but I said ‘have a go’. Now it feels like it’s my turn to paddle our boat down a river with guidance from Carole having gone ahead and Jane supporting following behind. It may prove challenging, fun and even scary but I hope to gain experience and with your wise words and practical help keep Chester SI on a successful path.

As we head into our fifth year let us take on new challenges, as in the International Presidents Appeal which starts this month ‘ The Road to Equality’, new regional projects and supporting Smart Works as a club.

I plan to take heed of your suggestions. My plan is to work with this inspiring team and do our best for those women we identify in greater need. May our friendship be the basis of shaping and improving our club over the next year while I am SI Chester President.