President’s Message


Susan Haywood - President 2017 - 2018

President Susan accepts the Chain of Office from IPP Wendy


I am now the third President of SI Chester and have a lot to live up to following our two previous Presidents:  Victoria Pritchard and Wendy Bell.  Hopefully, I will be able to inspire and enthuse the Club to be fired up and engaged in our work.  I want friendships to emerge.  I want to retain and recruit members through ‘doing’ things, and not just coming to monthly meetings.  And I believe it is already happening; there has been a buzz in the air when we have got into our groups and I am excited to see the emergence of new ideas, new leaders and fresh dynamism.

The mantra of Soroptimists is to Educate, Empower and Enable. If I were to answer the question ‘Ask me why I became a Soroptimist’ I would say that I want to give something back to my community – local and worldwide.  I joined just over two years ago because I was at the time of my life when I had more time and, frankly, more money (I may not be saying that when I retire).  My own childhood was a happy one, with parents who loved me unconditionally – and there were times when they could easily have not.  They provided me with a sound education, and the values I was brought up with have empowered me to achieve pretty much all that I wanted.  And I am now enabled to give something back.  It’s not all altruistic – I also joined to make new friends.  Something else I value dearly.

Friendship is all important.  To this end I propose that the attendance of Charter dinners be spread amongst us. Officers who attend the events should be accompanied by a member.  A day or evening out together would be wonderful and several of us have booked to go to Conference in Cardiff.  It would also be great if we could be active in actually making something.  What can be more enjoyable than sitting around with a glass of wine or cup of tea and creating something for someone in need, whilst putting the world to rights.  Our level of craft skill is immaterial.  I’m sure we can cobble something together – together.

Our chosen charities and projects for the year 2017 – 18 are Hope for Justice, working with young women, CWA, CATH and the National and International Charities:  Educate to Lead: Nepal and Meru Women’s Garden Project in Kenya.

I am looking forward to my year and thank you for your confidence in me that I can carry the Club forward and cause no damage.  Fingers crossed!!

Susan Haywood


SI Chester