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Chatter and Natter

A NEW scheme is being launched in a number of Cirencester cafes to invite people to have a chat and make new acquaintances over a cuppa.

Cirencester Soroptimists have started a “Chatter and Natter” table in cafes where anyone can sit and enjoy meeting someone new.

Several cafes in the town have already announced that they are keen to take part in the new scheme, including the Mosaic Café in the Woolmarket, the Waterstones Café, Toro Lounge and Swan Yard Café.

A Chatter & Natter table is where customers can come and sit if they are happy to talk to other customers.
It is not all about about making new acquaintances,  but more about good old fashioned human interaction.

The aim is to get people (who want to) chatting and interacting together.

If you are a customer who has used the scheme feel free to share your experience with us on Facebook and inspire others.

It is expected that more cafes will soon be showing a “Chatter and Natter” sign on their door and on a table inside, encouraging friendship and a community spirit, helping to banish loneliness and isolation.