Presidents Messages

Presidents Messages.Dynamic S SI Cirencester

Here at Si Cirencester we have decided to mix things up 2017-18……….
And so in the run up to our 70th anniversary celebrations in 2018 we have 5 “Presidents” this year.
                                                                                  Jackie Gloyn:
As Cirencester Soroptimist Club heads towards its platinum anniversary
we faced a challenge this year without a President.  I hope members enjoy
the variety that having different members taking this role will bring to our
wonderful club.  I look forward to hosting you all for our Christmas Celebrations.




Barbara Banks:
I am looking forward to my part in representing the vibrant group that is Cirencester Soroptimists.  My term of the “Job share” presidency begins in September 2017 and I hope that all members will enjoy the variety, support and opportunities that a shared presidency will offer.
It is a privilege to take over as your next President for this year, the support and friendship I
have received from all our members continues to be wonderful. It has been a busy and
successful summer so far, under President Maggie’s expert leadership. An outing to Chastleton
House later in August, organised by Jackie, will be a sunny summer event to enjoy with
members and friends. (Yes, Jackie has arranged the weather too!)I look forward to our Autumn activities after President Maggie hands over the Presidential chain of office to me on 6th September.
In October our friends in Inner Wheel will host us at a dinner in the RAU and the following weekend
will see several of our members in Cardiff for the SIGBI conference. I am especially pleased to lead our Literacy Awards Evening in November; this is always a joyful and inspiring event for the children and families as well as for our members as it supports the key objectives of Soroptimism; to ‘Educate, Empower and Enable’.
President Elect 
Jackie will host our Christmas Dinner on December 6th when I shall hand over the Presidential “baton” to her.

Maggie Edney:
Welcome to another Soroptimist year, which promises to be just as busy, but in a different format. I am honoured to be your first club President of five in the year.
We have had shared presidencies before as a club, but never before a group of 5 members sharing office across the year.  It shows what a strong inventive club we are, in responding to an unexpected vacancy in this way.  I am sure all of us will enjoy our mixture of service,fun and fundraising during this interesting year. If we don’t get dizzy, it should be fun!
I give my thanks to Pat Wright, who has been such a caring, lively president and splendid at attracting new members to the Club. She has also involved us in Cirencester’s Abbey 900 celebrations, and we have sponsored the collection of Medieval Manuscripts now on display in the museum until 21st May (see article by Marietta on page 5). I ask you all to support our big effort at fund raising for this, by making our Vintage Tea Party on 25th June a success. This is replacing our annual lunch this year, so please invite all you know to come along to join us for a happy event. We have a great history as a Club, and we will be celebrating all we have done down the years and sharing memories at our April meeting “Down Memory Lane”. So please be ready to contribute to make us proud and make us laugh at the same time. You will find information on the rest of our programme in the editions of “Signal” and in our club booklet.
There is no overall theme to the year, as the five of us will bring our own slant on life to Soroptimist meetings. I shall be representing the Club (with other members) at S.I. Durham Club’s 70th celebrations at “63”, and at the Regional A.G.M. and conference in June. My thanks go to Jackie Gloyn who has offered to arrange a summer outing for us in August – so please watch out for details later.

Enjoy this unique year!
Jennie Beadle:
I arrived in Cirencester in 2013 not even knowing what a Soroptimist was!! Now here i am about to become Joint-President for February and March 2018.  Although slightly nervous about this, I absolutely know that there will be support from club members.  Those who have already held the position, and those who have been Soroptimists for many years and have a vast knowledge of how things work.  I will welcome anything you would like to share with me with open arms and, although it seems a long way off, I will do my best to make a good job of it.
Anne Croft:
After being a member of Cirencester Soroptimists for ten years, I decided I should take up the challenge of a shared Presidency with Jennie.  I love our club as it is a hub of friendship and a lot of humour.  So from February to March 2018 we shall hope to continue to inspire our club members, with our programme of activities.
It is often said……“We can only do our best……and we will!!”

Presidents SI Cirencester 2017-18