President’s Message

My name is Heather Bailey and I joined SI Croydon and District about 35 years ago. I have served as Treasurer for two terms of 6 years, but never felt I could put myself forward as President while I was working full-time running my own business. It is only now that I have a co-director working with me, and I am reducing the number of days I work, I believe I have enough time and energy to devote to taking on this role.

I feel a great responsibility to help the Club continue to thrive and grow, inspired by what Grace has done over the last two years in publicising the work that we do, and attracting so many new members. I hope to ensure that every member of the Club feels valued and enthusiastic to join in at least some of the activities we have planned. I hope the newer members and long-standing ones will work together, sharing their skills and experience to enable the Club to run smoothly and attract more new members. I would like to raise some money for the Multiple Systems Atrophy Trust and also help to raise awareness of what MSA is. I would also like to make more people aware of who Soroptimists are, and what we do. Finally I would like to encourage someone else in the Club to take on the role of President next year after me!