Reducing Women’s Imprisonment

Soroptimist International Programme Action Committee (UKPAC) has joined forces with The Prison Reform Trust to mount a campaign to reduce women’s imprisonment across the UK.

The Prison Reform Trust in partnership with Soroptimist International Programme Action Committee has launched a report Transforming Lives to Government to inform and support the PRT and Soroptimist’s campaign to end the unnecessary imprisonment of women in the UK. The report reflects the work of 139 clubs across the UK, including SI Derby, to gather information to inspire the changes necessary to provide more community based solutions to women’s minor offending. This would reduce the damage and disruption to the lives of so many women and children.

Figures from the Ministry of Justice show that:

  • Nearly half of female prisoners (48%) surveyed report having committed offences to support someone else’s drug use, compared to 22% of male prisoners
  • Women in prison are nearly twice as likely to be identified as suffering from depression as male prisoners (65% versus 37%), and more than three times as likely as women in the general population (19%)
  • Women in prison suffering from the combination of anxiety and depression are significantly more likely to be reconvicted in the year after release from custody compared to female prisoners without such symptoms (this relationship is not found amongst male prisoners)