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Red Cross

Tuesday 25th September

At the beginning of the meeting our guest speaker lit a candle, to mark  September 21st  

International Day of Peace.

President Pam with Vicky Peterkin

SI Dundee members enjoyed a very interesting talk about the work of the International Red Cross from the Vice Chair of The British Society, Mrs Vicky Peterkin.

Vicky, who lives locally in Kirriemuir, shared her knowledge of the origins of the organisation; she explained that the role of the International Red Cross was to support those caught up in conflict whereas the National Societies of the Red Cross dealt with regional disasters.

The Red Cross Societies of the most affluent countries of the world have developed different areas of expertise, eg Britain’s specialty is logisitcs. The bigger Societies support those of smaller countries as happened at the time of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004.

Locally, in Dundee, the work of  the Red Cross includes providing First Aid, helping disadvantaged groups and supporting the emergency services in the event of any significant disaster.

The club held a raffle at the meeting and the sum of £38 was presented to Vicky for the work of Red Cross.

A most interesting evening, enjoyed by all members.